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This is an in-progress alpha of a fan-made RPG Maker game. Although the listing accepts donations, this alpha / demo is 100% free and the final game will also be 100% free. I will also release all of the game's visual assets and possibly additional MLP assets made in the game's art style once it is finished.

The legends of the Heroes of Harmony are as numerous as they are colorful.

But this wasn't one of them. No, while the seasons of Equestria being thrown into chaos by the disturbance of the Fourforce by the self-styled scion of darkness and despair seems like it may be grounds for some three-part epic... for these girls who have gone through so much already, this is barely worth getting out of bed over.

Out of Season ~Reverie Equestria~ is a lighthearted RPG Maker MV game featuring the protagonists of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It takes place in the highly-belated Reverie Equestria alternate universe, and despite being one of the last stories chronologically, is the first proper RevEq story published.

Although Out of Season will feature pretty much all original assets and custom scripts with novel gameplay compared to other MV games, pretty much none of that is in yet because this game is in very early alpha. What is already present however is the rich character dialogue and the bonus interactive objects such as naughty background ponies, scary mannequins, and invisible wagons.

Game content

  • This game is SFW with only very light swearing ("damn" et al) and no sexual content beyond occasional references to butts and one easter egg. Please let me know immediately if you see any adult content.
  • Out of Season is primarily light-hearted or farcical with only brief instances of anything heavy or serious. In fact, when I catch myself writing serious, I'll take 'em out, get 'em outta here, ew stinky.
  • As a JRPG, there is a constant overtone of VIOLENCIA. However, there will be no blood, gore, or explicit depiction of death at any point in the game.


  • Out of Season is currently only available as a Windows executable.
  • RPG Maker MV games are HTML5 and can technically export to MacOSX, Linux, Android, and raw web upload. However, itch.io has very poor support for a game that is both HTML5 but also downloadable, and I am unable to personally test builds for the other platforms.


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